BRAND ENERGY: Take your moon shot

by Anne M. Berg

High-performance organizations outwit their competition by aligning around an audacious goal — a goal that conjures up a vivid picture of future success and a clear view of the finish line. People need to know where they’re going and they want to be excited about getting there.

There’s simply no substitution for a compelling moon shot that serves as a catalyst for team spirit and brand energy. When John F. Kennedy said we’re going to the moon, the entire country was energized. If you seek that same passionate response to your organization’s vision, ask these critical questions:

  • Is your audacious goal clear and compelling?
  • Is it a truly daunting challenge that will take years?
  • Does it evoke an intensely emotional response?
  • Does it have the power to energize the organization?
  • Will you know for certain when you’ve achieved it?

Expect your executive team to be visionary, not just strategic. Expect your organization to change the world, not just make money. Recently, the CEO of Uber said his organization wants transportation as reliable as running water in every country. Once he achieves that moon shot, perhaps he can work on the reliable water goal. Meanwhile, it’s wonderful to know others are doing just that: is one of them.