BRAND RELEVANCE: Choose Relevance Over Difference

BRAND RELEVANCE: Choose Relevance Over Difference

by Anne M. Berg

It’s important to achieve brand distinction, yet it’s imperative to achieve brand relevance. For decades, marketers have focused on differentiation, which is important. But even more important is marketing a product or service that matters to your target market. Something your customers value and resonate with. Something that means something to them.

When you focus on differentiation without knowing if it matters to your marketplace, you’re risking your marketing investment. If you’re selling the cheapest airline ticket with several layovers, but your customers care more about getting there quickly, your solution isn’t relevant. If you’re proposing a luxury experience when your customer simply wants an affordable one, you risk losing the deal. If you’re offering free Gummy Bears, but your customers don’t like them, you’re wasting your money. So how can you assure customer delight?

You must know your client. Then you’ll be able to understand what matters to them. And you’ll be able to deliver solutions they value. This is what we call brand relevance, a more meaningful attribute than brand uniqueness.

If you’re looking for someone to help you navigate the nuances of brand differentiation and brand relevance, we’re here to guide you.