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Brand Mission

BRAND MISSION: Focus on the Why, Not the What

by Anne Berg

At his famous trial, Socrates proclaimed: “An unexamined life is not worth living.” He was later sentenced to… Read More

Vyway - Brand Pivot

BRAND PIVOT: Rethink Nearly Everything

by Anne Berg

Or risk losing everything. Because we’re facing a uniquely forceful disruption in business. And all previous plans seem… Read More

Brand Resilience

BRAND RESILIENCE: Prepare for the Recovery Now

by Anne Berg

Look up. And move beyond the panic. When things get difficult, perspective tends to narrow out of fear.… Read More


BRAND IDEA: Declare Your Unique Manifesto

by Anne Berg

Great brands live to inspire the mind. It is here, in the human mind, where all reality exists.… Read More

Brand Vision

BRAND VISION: Look Back & See Forward

by Anne Berg

It was late. We were tired. We had sailed into the night. Now, we were motoring in the… Read More

Brand Names

BRAND NAMES: Own Your Trademark

by Anne Berg

At its creation point, your brand name has the opportunity of a lifetime to start out strong —… Read More

BRAND LIFT: Know when it’s time to course-correct.

by Anne Berg

In sailboat racing, there’s a term called “lift” which refers to the force produced by wind and water… Read More

BRAND MEANING: Getting to the Heart of the Matter

by Anne Berg

Know Your Marketplace. New marketing finds itself in a state of dramatic change – a type of evolution… Read More

BRAND AWARENESS: Have You Ever Had A Sign From The Universe?

by Anne Berg

I think it was 1995. I was visiting friends in San Francisco, taking a break from my ad… Read More

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