UNWELCOME TRANSITIONS: Realize Your Future Possibilities

Nearly 25 years ago, I lost my agency job. Which essentially meant, I lost my identity. Then, as… Read More

Brand Ideas

BRAND IDEAS: Create Your Desired Future

Great brands live to inspire the mind. It is here, in the human mind, where all reality exists.… Read More

Core Purpose

CORE PURPOSE: Guide Your Decision Making

Your purpose should inspire your team. And be a genuine expression of what you care most deeply about.… Read More

Customer Centricity

CUSTOMER CENTRICITY: Create Your Winning Strategy

Your customer is more important than the product or service you sell. And any given relationship you nurture… Read More

Deep Curiosity

DEEP CURIOSITY: Care About Your Work

Remarkable branding is the result of combining big ideas with relentless attention to detail. This meaningful work starts… Read More

Care Path

CAREER PATH: Follow Your Intuition

When I attended St. Catherine University, a long time ago, I majored in English and minored in graphic… Read More

BRAND RELEVANCE: Choose Relevance Over Difference

BRAND RELEVANCE: Choose Relevance Over Difference

It’s important to achieve brand distinction, yet it’s imperative to achieve brand relevance. For decades, marketers have focused… Read More

Brand Strategy

BRAND STRATEGY: Drive Revenue and Profitability

A clear and strong brand strategy accelerates brand performance and even business profitability. Your brand strategy is a… Read More

Brand Mission

BRAND MISSION: Focus on the Why, Not the What

At his famous trial, Socrates proclaimed: “An unexamined life is not worth living.” He was later sentenced to… Read More