Core Purpose

CORE PURPOSE: Guide Your Decision Making

by Anne M. Berg

Your purpose should inspire your team. And be a genuine expression of what you care most deeply about. In other words, why you exist. Once clearly articulated, it should never change. And it can never by fully achieved. Your mission statement serves as your highest guiding light, and your least specific. Disney is a great example. They exist to make people happy. Notice there’s no mention of theme parks or family movies or cruise ships. We’re not seeking uniqueness here; just simplicity and clarity.

And yet so many organizations seem to get it wrong. Their mission statements say more about what they do than whythey do it. They focus on their core competency. Or their features and benefits. When they should be digging deep into the soul of the organization. What is the role of a great mission statement?

It should help you think broadly about what you could be doing. It also should help you decide what not to do. When you place your purpose at the core of strategy work, it guides all your decision making. And it inspires your people to imagine how they’ll live up to its significance.

Ask us for help navigating your course to an ideal corporate purpose statement. There’s nothing more important than getting this right.