Vyway - Customer Experience


by Anne M. Berg

People buy relevance. They buy relevant things from brands they trust. And effective branding helps people curate that relevance.

All of your brand’s touch points combined, create an experience that your customers will judge as either positive or negative. Understanding their customer journey — through their eyes — is critical to creating a rewarding experience. One that will assure brand loyalty over time.

Sadly, many organizations are so self-focused, they fail to appreciate their brand’s experience from a customer perspective. At worst, this can mean the death of a well-intentioned brand. At best, it predicts barriers to success that simply don’t have to exist. How do you ignite your brand’s presence?

Serve your customers with interactive and engaging experiences. Create touch points designed through mutual co-creation of meaning. Consistently create distinct, inspiring, even emotional content.

Be useful. Get passionate. Be unexpected. In other words, emotionally connect with your audience and deliver value. Now that’s a relevant experience worth buying.