Customer Insights


by Anne M. Berg

Understanding what truly inspires your customers should drive your business. It’s within these understandings that you’ll find the answers to virtually every branding question you face. And the key is to look beyond the data and into the realm of emotion.

Because every human decision takes place in the limbic brain where emotions rule and where meaning lies. People buy story and metaphor, hope and promise, future and purpose. Not data points.

Regrettably, even the most aspiring brands fail to stay in touch with what matters most to their customers or clients. They fail to realize that every business is a people business. And that people are emotional beings by nature.

What are the key attributes of brands driven by customer insights?

They think about what the client values most. While that may require an investment in market research — often called Voice of the Customer — it will more than pay off in simplified decision making and delightful customer experiences.

This can be challenging work for anyone. And yet we’re always here to support and guide you.