Deep Curiosity

DEEP CURIOSITY: Care About Your Work

by Anne M. Berg

Remarkable branding is the result of combining big ideas with relentless attention to detail. This meaningful work starts with an uncompromising sense of curiosity. Curiosity is the fuel for creativity. It’s our deep desire to learn. The origin of this word, which comes to us from Latin cura, means care. When we care about something, we pay attention. This is the key to so much of what truly matters in life and work.

Disappointingly, marketers often choose a hurried approach — an approach with no big idea and poor execution. An approach with no care. And mediocre branding is the result. Think: beautiful website littered with typos or impossible navigation. Think: strong digital ad campaign with no sales follow-up. Think: social media posts with uninspired and boring content. How do you show you care?

By starting with a deep curiosity about your customer and what matters to them. Your biggest and best ideas will always begin with a sense of wonder and asking why. So use your vivid imagination to dig deep and discover what’s truly inspirational. Then create it. With care.

We excel at helping corporate clients do the deep curious dive to discover their brand essence. Let me know if you need our caring support.