BRAND MARKETING: Define your role & responsibility

by Anne M. Berg

A recent Harvard Business Review article thoughtfully outlined the differences among three types of CMO (Chief Marketing Officer). Perhaps the most common within small to mid-size organizations is the marketer with a commercialization role. She is responsible for increasing sales through marketing communications programs. Such things as advertising, digital content, social media, promotions, public relations, special events, and more.

Another level up when it comes to responsibility is the marketer with a strategy role. She is accountable for customer insights and analysis, solution innovation, and product design. Lastly, at the highest level, a marketer is answerable for enterprise-wide P&L in her role, delivering profitable growth to the organization. Here, our marketer is responsible for everything within the commercialization and strategy roles, also including sales, distribution, and pricing, as well as all the marcom programs.

The classic four Ps of marketing have evolved to the new seven Ps of the marketing mix:

  • product, price, place, promotion and
  • physical evidence, people, process

As you can begin to imagine, marketing is too important to be left to the marketers alone. It’s important that everyone in an organization — including the C-suite — take responsibility.

In addition to the three signature value disciplines introduced to us by Treacy and Wiersema — customer intimacy, product leadership, and operational excellence — we also need to be concerned with social purpose. And not just superficially. Younger generations care deeply about whether companies are working to make the world a better place. Everything from sustainability to social justice is fair game.