NEUROMARKETING WORKS: Present Your Emotional Self

by Anne M. Berg

We are all simply emotional beings trying our best to connect with the world and each other in meaningful ways. The soul of who we are lies in our limbic brain system, where feelings rule. Know that every decision we make happens in this emotional center. Decisions are then quickly routed to our cerebral cortex for a heavy dose of rationalization. But at our core, we’re emotive.

Unfortunately, when marketers ignore emotions and rely on intellect to make their case, the opportunity to deeply engage with the audience, — where it counts, in their emotional center — is overlooked. If you make a presentation based solely on the numbers, without the nuanced narrative that could breathe life into it, you’ve lost your audience. If you only look at quantitative data and refuse to dive into supporting qualitative findings, you’ve failed the assignment. How do you get your audience to know, like, and trust you?

Reach out to them with personal, emotional content. Be vulnerable. Be generous. And then you’ll begin to build the brand loyalty that truly matters. You’ll succeed at being your truest and best self.