Keep your marcom fresh

United States Army General Eric Ken Shinseki said: “If you dislike change, you’re going to dislike irrelevance even more.” It seems to me this may be one of the most poignant considerations for all marketers, particularly when it comes to marketing communications (marcom or marcomm).

As marketers, we are charged with leading the category, staying ahead of the competition, and being in touch with the customer. All while having an authentic point of view and a fresh perspective. Your point of view and positioning are constants. The creative interpretation or expression of that POV is constantly changing.

The most effective marcom campaigns are completely integrated from a messaging perspective and involve complementary elements from the many communications disciplines including: advertising, sales promotion, public relations, direct marketing, personal selling, digital/social media, etc.

Ideally, your customers will evolve from awareness of your brand; to taking action and buying your brand; to becoming an advocate of your brand. This level of loyalty is priceless and is achievable through memorable and meaningful marcom campaigns, assuming the product/service offering is on point.

So whether your customers are experiencing your brand through earned, paid, or owned media, the objective is to plan campaigns with both shouts and whispers of clear, consistent messaging and fresh, relevant content.

Know your marketing needs

Vyway® Market & Brand Strategy works with new or emerging entities establishing the framework for accelerated brand performance; or with established organizations naming and introducing a new brand to the marketplace; or with any organization seeking to reposition and revitalize an existing brand.

Marketing Communications

Vyway services include:
  • Voice of Customer market research
  • Integrated marcom plans & campaigns
  • Digital campaign development & execution
  • Website content, design & development
  • Content creation & copywriting/editing
  • Media planning, buying & placement
  • Graphic design & visual communications
  • Promotional & informational videos

Ask us how we can help you
solve your marketing challenges
We’re eager to help.


Ask us how we can help you
solve your marketing challenges
We’re eager to help.