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Our proprietary Vyway Vision, Vantage, Voice™ methodology is a proven way to align your brand with the energy of your organization and the mindset of your marketplace.


Vyway Vision

Your essential brand purpose and aspiration

Here, you’ll explore the essential tenets of Jim Collins’ master work Built to Last. You’ll answer the fundamental question of why you exist, which is the reason people deeply resonate with your brand. Our friend Simon Sinek more recently brought this idea to life with his powerful “Start with Why” video. You’ll burnish your list of core values, perhaps even shorten the list to only three since they are the most central to the culture of your organization. You’ll discuss how these values impact behaviors and drive decisions. And lastly, you’ll imagine your distinct vision of the future and articulate your audacious goal.

The answers to these critical enquiries make up your core ideology and envisioned future. Together, they show you and your organization the way forward while honoring the past and how you came to be.

Vyway Vantage

Your critical brand uniqueness and relevance

At the core of any great brand, lies a simple yet powerful idea. An idea that sets your brand apart from competitors. An idea that fills your brand with meaning for customers. An idea that resonates with the head and heart. A central organizing principle that drives the appeal and equity of your brand.

This principle can be called the brand’s positioning within its competitive set. However, it’s truly a concept that lives within the mind of the consumer. It serves to offer both competitive distinction and customer relevance. It brings together a 360 degree perspective on what makes your brand uniquely sustainable.

In order to determine the value you offer to customers, it’s imperative to know your customer. This is why Voice of the Customer market research continues to be in such high demand. Those organizations that are truly customer centric, seem to always have the greatest competitive advantage.


Vyway Voice

Your tactical brand promise and expression

The voice of your brand is the combination of external expressions it makes in the marketplace. Your brand’s promise, key messages, tone or personality, key words, touch points, and experiences.

It’s important to remember that we’re emotional beings first. The rational mind only kicks into gear after we’ve experienced how we feel about something. So marketers must always consider the emotional response people will have to their brand’s many expressions. High-performance brands in our midst rely on authenticity, relevancy, and consistency to express their brand promise to the marketplace. And since we’re wired to learn through story-telling, they support their brand messaging with compelling brand narratives that reach into the hearts and minds of the audience.

Our Vyway® Vision Vantage Voice™ process creates truly remarkable brands. Brands that deliver significant contributions to your balance sheet, now and in the future.

With your input, we can craft positioning strategies that build category leadership; construct resonant narratives that engage the market; and shape relevant experiences that enhance customer loyalty.

Brand Strategy

Vyway services include:
  • Vision, Vantage, Voice Strategy
  • Brand naming & identity
  • Competitive positioning
  • Key messaging & tagline creation

Ask us how we can help you
discover your brand content.
We’re eager to help.


Ask us how we can help you
discover your brand content.
We’re eager to help.