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Customer Insights
January 25, 2021


by Anne M. Berg

Understanding what truly inspires your customers should drive your business. It’s within these understandings that you’ll find the

Brand Ideas
November 18, 2020

BRAND IDEAS: Create Your Desired Future

by Anne M. Berg

Great brands live to inspire the mind. It is here, in the human mind, where all reality exists.

Customer Centricity
October 28, 2020

CUSTOMER CENTRICITY: Create Your Winning Strategy

by Anne M. Berg

Your customer is more important than the product or service you sell. And any given relationship you nurture

BRAND RELEVANCE: Choose Relevance Over Difference
October 7, 2020

BRAND RELEVANCE: Choose Relevance Over Difference

by Anne M. Berg

It’s important to achieve brand distinction, yet it’s imperative to achieve brand relevance. For decades, marketers have focused

Brand Resilience
March 30, 2020

BRAND RESILIENCE: Prepare for the Recovery Now

by Anne M. Berg

Look up. And move beyond the panic. When things get difficult, perspective tends to narrow out of fear.

October 8, 2019

BRAND LIFT: Know when it’s time to course-correct.

by Anne M. Berg

In sailboat racing, there’s a term called “lift” which refers to the force produced by wind and water

September 11, 2019

BRAND MEANING: Getting to the Heart of the Matter

by Anne M. Berg

Know Your Marketplace. New marketing finds itself in a state of dramatic change – a type of evolution

September 3, 2013

BRAND INNOVATION: Grow your business

by Anne M. Berg

Innovation is highly correlated with value creation and financial performance. And when it’s done well, innovation lives as

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