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BRAND ENERGY: Take your moon shot

by Anne M. Berg

High-performance organizations outwit their competition by aligning around an audacious goal — a goal that conjures up a

BRAND INNOVATION: Grow your business

by Anne M. Berg

Innovation is highly correlated with value creation and financial performance. And when it’s done well, innovation lives as

Brand Promise

BRAND PROMISE: Define your impact

by Anne M. Berg

A client recently asked for feedback on language for their new service offering. One of their proposed headlines

BRAND FUTURES: Create shared value & meaning

by Anne M. Berg

People buy relevance. They buy relevant things from brands they trust. And effective branding helps people curate relevance.

BRAND CLARITY: Refine your business model

by Anne M. Berg

Business-model innovation is on the rise. Why? A lifeless economy, a flat world, and a tech evolution are

BRAND STRATEGY: Determine your destiny

by Anne M. Berg

Strategy drives performance. Yet so many marketers rely on tactics alone to yield results. Asking the right questions

BRAND TRAP: Avoid generic brand names

by Anne M. Berg

There’s obvious appeal in selecting a descriptive, generic brand name. But when you do, the marketplace traps you

BRAND NAMING: Protect your investment

by Anne M. Berg

At the moment of its creation, your brand has the opportunity to start out strong. When you name

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