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BRAND IDEA: Declare Your Unique Manifesto

by Anne M. Berg

Great brands live to inspire the mind. It is here, in the human mind, where all reality exists.

Brand Vision

BRAND VISION: Look Back & See Forward

by Anne M. Berg

It was late. We were tired. We had sailed into the night. Now, we were motoring in the

Brand Names

BRAND NAMES: Own Your Trademark

by Anne M. Berg

At its creation point, your brand name has the opportunity of a lifetime to start out strong —

BRAND LIFT: Know when it’s time to course-correct.

by Anne M. Berg

In sailboat racing, there’s a term called “lift” which refers to the force produced by wind and water

BRAND MEANING: Getting to the Heart of the Matter

by Anne M. Berg

Know Your Marketplace. New marketing finds itself in a state of dramatic change – a type of evolution

BRAND AWARENESS: Have You Ever Had A Sign From The Universe?

by Anne M. Berg

I think it was 1995. I was visiting friends in San Francisco, taking a break from my ad

BRAND MARKETING: Define your role & responsibility

by Anne M. Berg

A recent Harvard Business Review article thoughtfully outlined the differences among three types of CMO (Chief Marketing Officer).

Brand Courage

BRAND COURAGE: Soar to market success

by Anne M. Berg

Two nearly full-grown eaglets, preparing to fledge from their enormous nest, tempt my attention daily. They live 75

BRAND CONNECTION: Integrate design & delight

by Anne M. Berg

Customer insights – understanding what truly inspires your customers – should drive your business. It’s within these understandings

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